Can Strawberries Cause Migraines?

There are certain foods which people who suffer from migraines should learn to avoid, including strawberries. Believe it or not, foods such as strawberries, peanuts, and spinach have been known to worsen migraine headaches in certain people, along with artificial sweeteners and red wines.

Although it might sound a little bit strange, there have been numerous studies done to indicate that certain foods, including this fruit, have been known to cause such problems.

If you suffer from headaches yourself, you will definitely want to think about avoiding these foods as much as possible or at least eating them only in moderation.

One thought on “Can Strawberries Cause Migraines?

  1. I very seldom get migraines, but yesterday I ate strawberries and rasberries , that day, I had the worst migraine that night in my right eye and up my head. Was pounding so bad thought I was going to burst. Next morning still had little headache, took little advil again and felt better. Threw out the strawberries, ate rasberries in past did not have problems with, must have been the strawberries.
    Have not eaten them for a while, until yesterday, have not had migraines until I ate them, go figure. In past never had problem, I think if you eat a little with out other fruits with it, and if you had eaten food before, it may not affect you. I had eaten pretty much at that time, I know better, never again. Not worth it there are other fruit that are good for you that wont do this. Oh I ate a ciniminn raisin wheat beagle and potatoe right before I went to bed. Who knows maybe that to, I know bread causes migraines to. But I usually eat these with no problem. Maybe the little cheese it crackers, the salt. Salt gives headaches to. I am pretty sure it was the strawberries because havnt eaten them for a while and migraine. Write down what you eat that causes them and leave them alone. NOT WORTH IT. :)

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